Acquisition and Life Cycle Management

  • Provided acquisition planning for relocation of nuclear facilities
  • Developed functional and operational requirements
  • Developed budget cost schedule for relocation and upgrading test reactors

Design Installation and Testing of Radiation Detectors

  • Developed specifications for procurement and installation of radiation detection systems for deterrence of nuclear smuggling
  • Supported procurement, installation testing and start up of overseas nuclear detection systems
  • Established a maintenance program to support foreign installed radiation detectors

Nuclear Equipment Evaluation Qualification and System Engineering

  • Delivered Process Qualification Plans for component manufacturing
  • Developed and initiated configuration management for manufacturing consistency
  • Developed relationship of design requirements to manufacturing capabilities

Nuclear Materials and Facility Support

  • Developed cost models for manufacturing of components
  • Established a facility change control and configuration management process
  • Supporting the initiation of quality systems for production of components
  • Performed cost and project management for installation and modification of nuclear facilities

Rough Order of Magnitude Cost Studies

  • Evaluation for decommissioning of nuclear facilities
  • Performed for national laboratory

Development and implementation of Quality Assurance Programs

  • Fissile material polishing project
  • Fissile material packaging for long-term storage project
  • Various LANL projects